Boat Launching Loch Lomond: Water Access & Registration

There is one slip for boat launching on the site – it is just on the right of the picture above. This is hard surface to an extent but then all sand before the water’s edge and into deeper water.

The water is usually very still though, so no danger of the boat drifting in currents. You can see the main sliping point in the photograph on the left. Boats cannot be parked by the lodges (site rules) – parking is up past the water plant, close by the jetty

There is £75 (plus VAT)** fee to pay to the site owners but this includes one slip by tractor in, and out at the end of your stay and the use of a guest mooring and a tender. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance for mooring your boat as well as the correct tie up to a mooring. If you have lanched here in the past, there is now (from 2009) no longer the facility to launch yourself.

** Please contact me re these fees as there is currently a lack of clarity as what the site’s owners are acutually charging – they change their minds more times than the weather!

Jetty at Rowardennan Lodges
This is a great site for sailing and power boating as well as canoeing and windsurfing.

The loch is quieter at these northern strecthes but generally the loch is so big it very seldom appears busy. All boats require a permit – this is free but there is a small charge of £5 for the number stickers which you need to display on the hull. There are patrols on the loch by the park authority to ensure that the bylaws are followed for everyones safety. See below…

More info:-
Registration – Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park, where there is Registration informationd

Tel: 01360 870412
Easter to September – 8 am to dusk
From October – 9.30 am to 6 pm
Boat registration, safe launching for larger boats, parking for cars and trailers, toilets, shower and changing facilities.

These facilities are excellent and controlled by staff.

But you can also register your boat at Milarrochy Bay east Loch Lomond which you pass on the way to the lodge which more handy – suggest to call the number above if you are passing through Balloch on the way to the lodge as it might save another trip to get registered.

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